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Sweet Orange, Basil & Lime Candle

Sweet Orange, Basil & Lime 

With a slightly lighter citrus scent than our Bergamot candle, this is one of our favourite combinations.  The citrus notes are complimented by the herby, earthiness of fresh basil meaning this candle is both energising and relaxing.  

All our candles are made using only 100% natural soy wax, therapeutic grade pure essential oils and cotton wicks, meaning they are all completely vegan, cruelty free and offer aromatherapy benefits.

• 100% natural soy wax
• 100% pure essential oils 
• Cotton eco-friendly wicks 
• No colourants or dyes 
• Vegan friendly

Approximate burn times 
• 120ml - 25 hours 
• 180ml - 40 hours

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